About Us

Lake Street Studios is a privately owned art center that houses four art galleries: Center Gallery, Forest Gallery, North Gallery and the Glen Lake Artists Gallery. Also located on the grounds is Studio Stage, home to the Manitou Music Festival, a production of the Glen Arbor Art Association. Importantly, Lake Street Studios has a mission to support artists and the process of making art, and with this in mind we offer visiting artists the opportunity to rent at very reasonable prices either an apartment + studio, or a studio only if they have lodging in the area. The facilities are exceptional, the region is beautiful and at Lake Street Studios one can find a group of interesting, thoughtful and fun-loving artists and their supporters.


The beginnings of Lake Street Studio, can be traced to 1983 when Becky Thatcher and Ananda Bricker invited all the artists they knew (including Suzanne Wilson) to a potluck at Ananda’s beach on Glen Lake. This group, informally organized, then met every Thursday morning at the Soda Shop (now the Western Avenue Grill) to discuss plans on how to market their art. The following year five studios opened, with several artists exhibiting at each place.

Between 1984 and 1986 a Co-Op Gallery was established, first at The Homestead in a seasonally empty ski warming house and two years later in the Arbor Light Building – becoming the first art Gallery in Glen Arbor. When the Wescott property on Lake Street was offered for sale, Ananda Bricker, Suzanne Wilson and Midge Obata were captivated by its central location and by its majestic trees. The trio bought four of the lots offered. Midge bought the house and the building that became the Thread Shed. Ananda and Suzanne formed a partnership and together bought the garage property. Such was the founding of Lake Street Studios.